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About Us

The City of Winnipeg Streets Maintenance Division and the Heavy Equipment & Aggregate Truckers Association of Manitoba Inc.  have partnered in the creation of an online orientation called the CITY OF WINNIPEG BEST PRACTICES FOR SNOW REMOVAL. The aim of the online orientation is to provide operators hired by the City for street and back lane snow removal with the most current methods and best practices to snow clear streets and back lanes on City right-of-way.

City senior operational staff in collaboration with industry representatives established a detailed, informative, yet basic online orientation to assist operators to understand what practices and methods to use when snow clearing a variety of features found on streets and back lanes.

The online orientation uses narration along with visual animation to assist operators to understand the various situations that they may come across when snow clearing and which practice to use in order to provide consistent work with minimal damage to City and private property.

All operators working for the City of Winnipeg are required to complete this orientation which takes approximately 45 minutes to complete. The online orientation should be completed by an operator prior to reporting for work with the City for snow clearing work. Successful participants will receive a course certificate that they can print or show electronically when reporting for work.

Questions regarding the orientation can be directed to

Getting Started

To start the process, whether you are an individual operator or a member or non-member company, select the Buy Now button

If you are a HEAT member, please contact the H.E.A.T. office to receive your member code prior to making a purchase. No refunds will be given on courses purchased prior to receiving a member code.

How it Works

The H.E.A.T. Learning Portal provides access to the City of Winnipeg Best Practices for Snow Removal course for individual equipment operators. Please note that this orientation is only a requirement for loader, grader and plow truck operators. Operators of all other pieces of equipment are not required to complete training at this time.

Operators can register, purchase and complete the course using this portal. Once they complete their course, operators can also use the portal to access, print and save their official certificate to their personal devices or to show others their proof of certification.

The H.E.A.T. Learning Portal also serves companies wishing to purchase courses on behalf of their employees. Companies can buy in bulk and invite employees to complete pre-paid courses. Companies can also use their group portal to review the status of each of their invited operators, add more courses and invite more operators. Group portals are created automatically when a company completes a bulk purchase.

The H.E.A.T. Learning Portal also provides access to member benefits. H.E.A.T. members are eligible for the reduced member rate for course purchases. Please contact the H.E.A.T. office for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the cost of the orientation and where can I find it?
A: The cost of the orientation is $25.00 for H.E.A.T. members and $40.00 for non-members. Chosing “Buy Now” at the top of this page will get you started.
Q: How often do we need to re-certify?
A: The orientation certification is valid for two years.
Q: How long does it take to complete the orientation?
A: We anticipate that it should take 45 minutes to an hour to complete the orientation.
Q: How does an operator provide proof of completion?
A: Upon successful completion of the course, operators can print their certificate immediately if they are using a device linked to a printer. They can also download a PDF version of their certificate to their computer, tablet or smart phone. They can then:

  • print the certificate as often as they would like and present a paper copy whenever proof is requested
  • display the downloaded PDF certificate on their computer, tablet or smart phone to the person requesting the certificate
  • capture a photo of their printed certificate on their smart phone or tablet and display the photo to the person requesting the certificate
  • login to their account at on their computer, tablet or smart phone to show the person requesting that they have the certificate.

Once the certificate is on an operator’s device, they can also text or email the PDF certificate to their employer or person requesting proof. Operators are expected to be able to provide this certificate EACH time they show up for their shift.

Q: Who do I contact if I have any questions about the orientation?
A: All questions regarding the Orientation can be forwarded to the H.E.A.T. office via email at Emails are monitored on a regular basis outside of office hours during snow events. Average turn around time is 4 hours for a response. Please include your phone number in your emails for a quick response!
Q: I need to certify many people. Can I buy multiple courses in one transaction?
A: Yes. Contractors can purchase courses in bulk and assign them to their operators via email. Purchasing courses in bulk and assigning them to operators will also place the operator into the purchaser’s group. This group membership will allow a company buying in bulk to view a list of the operators they invite to take the course and their certificate results.
Q: Can I certify all of my operators at one time by having them watch the orientation together?
A: Unfortunately, no. Because each operator requires an individual certificate, they must complete the course on their own. Certificates of completion are only valid for the person completing the course. However, if you wish to review the course content in a group, each operator with paid access to the course also receives ongoing access to the course after they have completed it. Group reviews of the course materials are possible at any time.
Q: I have hired someone who claims that they have already been certified. Can I login to the system and verify that?
A: No. Only H.E.A.T. and the City of Winnipeg will be able to see a list of all certified operators. Your new operator will need to show you that he/she is certified by presenting their certificate of completion. Alternately, you can invite the new operator to your group which will allow you to see their current certificate results however will also fill one of your paid seats even though the operator taking the seat does not have to complete the course again.
Operators already certified do not need to be added to your group but doing so can be helpful if you want to keep all your employees together, especially when it comes to recertifying.
Q: How does the system know if I am a H.E.A.T. member or not?
A: The system does not automatically know if you are a H.E.A.T. member. Please contact the H.E.A.T. office prior to purchasing your courses to be “registered” as a member. When you login with an email address that has been registered as a member, your discount will automatically be applied.
Q: Does the Orientation require a lot of reading?
A: To best adapt to multiple styles of learning, the orientation includes an option to listen to narration or read onscreen text for auditory learners. The orientation also includes a variety of illustrations and animations to allow visual learners to engage their preferred learning style and to see how to complete described activities correctly.
Q: Is there a test that operators need to take to complete the course?
A: The course includes periodic learning activities presented throughout but no end of course test. Operators must complete each of the learning activities to complete the course and receive their certificate. The objective of this course is to provide operators with the knowledge to clear City streets and back lanes with as little damage possible. Providing shorter learning challenges with visuals linked to a few concepts at a time is an effective way to learn and to demonstrate knowledge.
Q: What happens if my operators are given instruction by City Foreman that contradicts what they learn in this orientation?
A: This orientation represents best practices for cleaning snow on City streets and back lanes. At times, a City foreman may ask the operator to complete something differently. At all times, direction by a City foreman will override what is shown in this orientation. Operators are encouraged to have a conversation with their shift supervisor if they need clarification on how to do their job at anytime.

Contact Us

Questions regarding the online orientation or any technical difficulties can be directed to the H.E.A.T. office by emailing Please allow up to 24 hours for assistance although we will endeavor to get back to you as soon as possible.

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